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Streamline Your Digital Life with TabsFolders

TabsFolders is not just a bookmark manager—it's a comprehensive tool designed to streamline your digital life. With our platform, you can effortlessly organize your online resources, collaborate with your team, and access your bookmarks from any device, anytime.

Whether you're a professional managing multiple projects, a student juggling numerous research sources, or simply someone who loves to keep their digital space tidy, TabsFolders is designed to cater to your needs.

Our features like multi-browser real-time link sharing, collaboration with notes and tags, and the ability to add links on the go with our mobile bookmarklet, are all designed to make your online experience smoother and more efficient.

With TabsFolders, you can say goodbye to the chaos of unorganized bookmarks and welcome a new era of digital organization and productivity. Experience the difference today with TabsFolders.

Monetize with Affiliate Link Sharing from Your Domain

Instantly Share Research with Your Team to Boost Revenues

Speed up Your Computer by snoozing tabs to save memory.

Add Links While on the Go with the Mobile Bookmarklet

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What People Say About Us

"GREAT way of STORING and ORGANIZING current and/or recently used tabs in order to keep track of what you have been working on without having a million tabs open at once. I really like the fact that this extension allows tabs to be organized INTO FOLDERS once stored."

Auden T

writer, web developer

"WOW. I have been dreaming of someone to do this right for a LOOOONG time. A bookmark manager that really is easy for a user to COLLECT AND ORGANIZE our daily mess of BOOKMARKS.
Works in all Chrome browsers via extensions and is CLOUD BASED!"

Jay B

UI/UX Designer

"Great Extension to make sure your BOOKMARKS are well ORGANIZED!"

Rafał K.

Entrepreneur and owner of

"Excellent, SIMPLE and ELEGANT solution."

Steven M

International coach and speaker

when I come back home for instance."

Dawid G

Designer / Developer

Monetize with Affiliate Link Sharing from your Domain

With tabsFolders you can save links with 2 clicks
Add your affiliate codes
Share the links with your audience in 3 clicks
Generate a QR code and add it to your videos or images
Change the affiliate code or link with 2 clicks across all platforms

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Instantly Share Research with Your Sales Team to Increase Revenues

Add team members
Instantly share your folders, bookmarks, tags and notes
Team members can edit the folders, bookmarks, notes you shared
Even if your team members work in different browsers! 

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Speed up Your Computer by snoozing tabs to save memory.

Configure tabsFolders to snooze your tabs
Customize timeouts, domain filters and pinned tab filtering
• Watch your computer's memory usage drop by 95%

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Add Links While on the Go with the Mobile Bookmarklet

• Add the mobile bookmarklet to any browser on your mobile
Save bookmarks from your mobile to tabsFolders with 2 taps
Organize and share your bookmarks from your desktop
Access your bookmarks on the go from the tabsFolders website

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