Capture, Organize and Share
your Tabs

Manage thousands of tabs with one easy-to-use tool!

Work 10X faster 
with TabsFolders

Save and organize 100,000 bookmarks in minutes, rather than hours with other systems.

  • Browser Plugin for 10x productivity on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Brave and other Chrome based browsers.
  • Auto SNOOZE tabs to REDUCE MEMORY usage and SPEED UP your computer.
  • NEVER LOOSE your browser TABS again!! TabsFolders auto saves your whole SESSION and keeps session HISTORY backups up to 1 year for each device.
  • SHARE your bookmarks on Facebook, Twitter on OR YOUR OWN DOMAIN with CNAME Sharing.
  • COPY DOZENS of URL's to your CLIPBOARD with 3 clicks.
  • SORT bookmarks and open windows and tabs by URL, name, date modified or browser tab index.
  • Setup KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS to save a Tab or Window with One key
  • Lightning FAST SEARCH in any folder you choose or all OPEN tabs and bookmarks
  • Tab and folder organization with DRAG and DROP
  • MOBILE Bookmarklet to save bookmarks from your mobile browser
  • Bookmark access on ALL DEVICES
  • SYNCHRONIZE bookmarks between different browsers (eg. at home and work)
  • FAST interface
  • FULL BACKUP in the Cloud on Premium Plan + 7 day TimeMachine backup on Business Plan
  • AFFILIATE program. You get 30% OF SALE!

Why your team will love TabsFolders

Your Data is SAFE with US!
TabsFolders has been operational for 7 years with 100% data reliability! We have a triple backup system to ensure your data is always safe.
Sharing with your Team
Click to share a folder, share on Facebook, email, twitter.
Then work on shared folders automatically.
Works in your Mobile browser
The mobile bookmarklet allows you to add bookmarks from any mobile browser!
Session Management
Auto Save your browser session and open all windows on another device in 2 clicks.
Lightning FAST
TabsFolders works on your local device so Searches and other functions are fast as LIGHTNING!
Tab and Folder Organization
Save all tabs with one click. 
Drag and Drop folders.
Copy, move and rename tabs.
What People Say About Us

"Great way of storing and organizing current and/or recently used tabs in order to keep track of what you have been working on without having a million tabs open at once. I really like the fact that this extension allows tabs to be organized into folders once stored."

Auden T

writer, web developer

"WOW. I have been dreaming of someone to do this right for a LOOOONG time. A bookmark manager that really is easy for a user to collect and organize our daily mess of bookmarks. Works in all browsers via extensions and is CLOUD BASED!"

Jay B

UI/UX Designer

"Great Extension to make sure your bookmarks are well organized!"

Rafał K.

Entrepreneur and owner of

"Excellent, simple and elegant solution."

Steven M

International coach and speaker

"Works very well, can quickly switch between the context
when I come back home for instance."

Dawid G

Designer / Developer

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